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Our Services

Marshall Communications Corp is committed to meeting the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. We provide confidence in the consistency, effectiveness,  and efficiency of our services to Federal, Defense, Intel, and Commerical clients worldwide.

Hardware & Software

Marshall Communications specializes in delivering “Best of Breed” value-added, Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) solutions for secure broadband satellite and IP multimedia services.  Marshall has the GWACs & IDIQs to fit your procurement needs and delivery speed.

Program Management


Marshall's Program Management Team has over 25 years of experience in Satellite and Information Technology (IT) video deployment solutions, including providing 24/7 Helpdesk and deploying Field Service Representatives (FSRs) for a total end-to-end solution.

Engineering Services


Marshall provides a wide array of products & services including total system solutions specializing in Satellite & Wireless CommunicationsSecure Streaming IP Video and Full Motion Video (HD) solutions for dissemination. 

Who We Serve

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